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Default You can run model II shipped with EdGCM on Linux

Originally Posted by imarinov View Post
Has anyone ever run the EdGCM on Linux ?
It would be nice, however, if I could use wine on Linux to run the EdGCM (if I try "wine EdGCM.4DB" I get an error, any ideas ?).
irina marinov
Hi irina,

You might try to run model II of EdGCM (rather than the whole EdGCM) on Linux. The method is:
1. Create a run on Windows, suppose the name of the run is testrun
2. Run the simulation for the first hour and then stop the simulation COMPLETELY ( What I mean is that you stop the simulation as you stopped it on earlier versions of EdGCM which do not have the Lunar.).
3.Transfer the whole directory ..\EdGCM 4d\EdGCM 3.0\Output\testrun to Linux. You may delete the file GCM-testrun.exe which is the Lunar (the file testrun.exe is model II) and WhatToStart.TXT. If there is a file called SSW.STOPGCM, then you MUST delete it.
4. Use wine to run the testrun.exe on Linux (Notice that version 1.0.7 is a command line program, so you should not be afraid when you see the black screen). Actually, I always by pass Lunar and run model II directly even on Windows because, without Lunar, model II will run faster on some machines. Also, all the model II compiled by myself are command line programs in order to speed up the simulations.

You can also try to run version 1.0.6 (and earlier versions) of model II because they are completely unrelated to Lunar. For EdGCM 3.0, the default version of model II is 1.0.7. You can set up your simulation on Windows to use version 1.0.6 (selected from the "model to use" under the "Developer tools" section). Notice that this version as well as version 0.9, 1.0.3 (which is mistakenly referred as 1.0.2) and 1.0.5 are GUI programs.

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