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Old January 7th, 2011, 00:08
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Default More news on using technology in classroom.

Originally Posted by mchandler View Post
Always a difficult question - how much technology to allow in the classroom? The answer may depend upon whether the focus is on understanding underlying principles or on pragmatic methods for getting correct answers. Once, the calculator was banned from classrooms in the U.S. (believe me, I remember!). Now it is an essential tool (my daughter's 4th grade class REQUIRES her to have a calculator).
In the past couple years, some schools in some parts of the world have tested the bookless classroom. For example, students in some primary schools in Hong Kong only carry a laptop to the classrooms as all the teaching material is stored in the laptops. Most students in Hong Kong logon to the school Intranet (via Internet) to find out and do their homework.

Now, the South Korea has finished a 14-week trail program in which robotic teachers assist in teaching preschool and kindergarten students:

I am NOT against the use of technology in classrooms, however, I wanted to remind the teachers of 3 major mistakes in education:
1. Misuse of calculators. I have discussed this issue eariler.

2. Misuse of computers.
I felt this mistake personally when I taught technical drawing. I found that my students did not want to learn technical drawing because of the widely used CAD programs. However, those students have real trouble to understand the 3-D drawings produced by someone else. The minimal requirement for an engineer or a technician is to able to read the 3-D drawing and works according to the drawing. Engineering students need to sit down and draw the 3-D diagrams (in 3 hours) using percils in order to develop the ability to understand the 3-D diagrams. This ability CANNOT be gained by using CAD programs to draw the diagrams in 3 minutes.

3. Misue of Internet.
Now, not only the universities in Hong Kong, the high schools in Hong Kong are helped by the government to install software which can determine whether the students have copied and pasted essays from Internet and submit those copied essays as their own work.


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